Projects   SIMA has become one of the leading players in the field of environment, management & control. Three decades of experience & application of latest technologies are reflected in the products design & are developed for the severe Indian water & waste water scenario. SIMA specialises in concept, design engineering, procurement & Commissioning of industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Common Effluent Treatment Plants and Recycling plants.

AMC   SIMA has been making waves in the industry with environmental compliance. From a small start, today SIMA is amongst the leading source of providing technical manpower, catering to the needs of large & small installed Environmental Utilities. We provide our own trained manpower to ensure the uninterrupted running of ETP’s , STP’s & CETP’s.

Testing   Since 1989, SIMA is providing quality testing services to its customers. SIMA is managed by a team of qualified successful professionals. Team SIMA lays strong emphasis on team work, synergy, professionalism & excellence. The management team again is a judicious blend of seasoned young professionals, persevering managers & well networked achievers, driven by its rich experience, sound technical infrastructure, professional manpower & commitment to timely execution.

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